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             Botox, Dermal Fillers, PDO Thread Face Lifts Permanent Makeup  by Skin Deep Tel. 07876744231                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Fibroblast, the Latest Non-Surgical Treatment for Loose Sagging Skin. Its New. It’s Exciting and The Results are Permanent.


 The Fibroblast Hand-Piece Emitting a Tiny Plasma Flash to Permanently Shrink the Fibres of the Skin, Tightening and Lifting Without the Need for  Surgery. Available in our Morpeth, Newcastle, Gateshead, Carlisle & Lytham Clinics.

Like Surgery without the Knife


Hooded Eyelids Lifted, Neck Skin Tightened, Upper Lift 'Smokers Lines' Reduced' 

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Treatment from £195


Fibroblast, the Latest Non-Surgical Treatment for Loose Sagging Skin. Its New. It’s Exciting and The Results are Permanent.

Tightens & Lifts Skin without Surgery

Instant Results


Shrinks Excessive Skin, Bags & Wrinkles

Smooth Eyelids get rid of Hooded Lids

Smoother Skin, Makeup will not crease.

 A  revolutionary treatment that tightens and lifts skin without the need for surgery.  Book your FREE consultation today.



What is Fibroblast & How Does It Work

The Fibroblast Hand Piece produces a tiny plasma light which tightens and pulls the skin cells closer together, the effect is permanent as the skin literal shrinks under the plasm light.  The light is applied in tiny circles only millimetres wide, working within the dermal layer shrinking the skin fibres causing the cells to tighten and contract the skin at a deeper level.


Is it Permanent?

Yes the skin is permanently tightened at a dermal level.


Is it painful?

We are highly trained in managing any discomfort you may feel.  As a Nurse Prescriber led team we have access to the finest topical anaesthetics which will be applied to your skin prior to treatment in order to ensure that you feel no discomfort.  Patient/ Clients report a warm sensation during treatment and are pleasantly surprised how comfortable it is. You can ask more about this when you book your free consultation.


How long does it take?

Our Therapist works very closely with you and asses your skin type.  Each session will be between 30 minutes and 1 hour which will include preparation for treatment and aftercare.


When will I see a result?

You will see a result immediately after treatment as the skin fibres are instantly contracted.


What about after treatment?

You will be given full aftercare advice following your treatment.  The area treated will have small brownish dots where the treatment has been carried out.  These will flake off over the following days.  All aspects of your aftercare will be discussed when you book your free consultation 





Hooded Eyelid Treatment.  The Skin is Lifted and Tightened Opening up the Eye 

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Botox, Dermal Fillers for Face & Lips, PDO Non-Surgical Face Lifts, Permanent and Semi Permanent Make-up for Eyebrows and Fibroblast. Available in Newcastle, Morpeth, Gateshead, Carlisle, Morecambe and; Lytham. Nurse Prescriber led Team holding Clinics in Northumbria, Cumbria & Lancashire